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Markus Steinberg

“You don’t get a universal solution from me, but a high level of expertise.”


Qualification: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Aeronautical Engineering, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Automotive Engineering

Industries: Aviation, Automotive, Railways, Food industry

Mr Steinberg has 20+ years of experience in product certification and company approvals in aviation and other areas. He provides his expertise in various areas, including accident investigation and restructuring of companies, in consulting, interim management or project management.


  • Consulting for product certification and company approvals, especially in aviation
  • Expertise and studies of aircraft, aircraft accident and incidents as well as damages on aircraft
  • Project management from the project start up to the technology implementation, start of production including the quality assurance
  • Takeover of interim management and temporary airworthiness responsibilities such as Airworthiness, Compliance Verification Engineer, Head of Design Organization, Head of Production Organization, Head of Maintenance Organization, Head of Training Organization, Quality Management, Accountable Manager
  • Support in company restructuring, owner transitions and insolvency proceedings
  • Training in aviation related areas, such as aviation legislation, product certification and company approval


  • European Aviation Legislation
  • German Aviation Legislation
  • Product certification & validation of engine, propeller and small aircraft as well as parts and appliances for small and large aircraft (EASA CS-22, CS-23, CS-25, CS-E, CS P, ETSO)
  • Company approvals (EASA part-21J design organization, EASA part-21G production organization, EASA part-145 maintenance organization, EASA part-147 training organization)


  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Aeronautical Engineering, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Automotive Engineering
  • IFUM Certified Consultant for Company Restructuring under German Law
  • European Aviation Legislation, German Aviation Legislation
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Champion
  • Auditor
  • SCSI Certified Aircraft Accident Investigator
  • BSVK Certified Expert for Automotive Engines
  • Damage Investigations
  • Human factors
  • Train the trainer

Track Record

Product certifications:

  • First certification of an aircraft diesel engine (TAE 110) after WWII, 2001
  • Certification of piston aircraft engines TAE 125-01, TAE 125-02-99, TAE 125-02-114, and Centurion 4.0
  • Validation of TAE 125-01, TAE 125-02-99 TAE 125-02-114, and Centurion 4.0 in various countries outside the European Union including China, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and others

Experience in Aircraft Certification in accordance with JAR/CS/FAR-23 and JAR/CS/FAR-25:

  • Certification of SkyTender CSL (Coffee Specialty trolley light) as minor change to multiple Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Fokker aircraft models
  • Certification of SkyTender Multi beverage system version C (hot/cold carbonated/non-carbonated post-mix system) as minor change to multiple Airbus and Boeing aircraft models
  • Certification of TAE 125 series engine installations in Cessna 172, Piper PA28, Robin/APEX DR400 and in Diamond DA40D aircraft
  • Certification of Centurion 4.0 engine installation in Cessna 206 and Cirrus SR22 aircraft
  • Certification of engine and aircraft parameter annunciator instrument to ETSO standards
  • Validation of engine installation Supplement Type Certificates in various countries outside the European Union including USA, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and others
  • Flight testing and permit to fly under EASA regulations

Experience in Aircraft Accident Investigations in accordance with ICAO Annex 13:

  • Lead engineer in more than 180 occurrence investigations
  • Nominated Advisor for more than 50 accident investigations worldwide

Company Approvals achieved:

  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Design Organization Approval, EASA part-21J
  • Production Organization Approval, EASA part-21G
  • Maintenance Organization Approval for engines and aircraft, EASA part-145
  • Foreign Repair Station Approvals, FAA, TCCA and others
  • Training Organization Approval, EASA part-147

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