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Your project partner for successful external support.


1. Because of our partners & employees, we are agile. digital. phenomenal.

2. Whether business management, engineering managemant, personnel management,or digital management!

3. We live the partnership. Reason for our partner model, totaldigital, engagement.

Employees & associated partners

Partner company experts

What is QRelation?

Our values!


Q stands for quality. All the founders are aircraft builders and there’s nothing you can do without quality awareness.


Q also stands for the special solution. Thinking and acting out of the box … the Qmaster and 007.


Relation (respectful relationship) is our DNA. Whether internally, with our clients or in the network.


Relation: Thinking and acting in partnership, we bring together the best players for your task.


As a service provider, we organise the optimal outsourcing – fast, independent, cost-conscious, innovative, legal, confidential.

The Founders' Team

  • We are independent
  • No outside capital in the company
  • Have known each other for decades
  • Are loyal to each other, to our customers and to our network partners

Our Employees

  • Internal administration and recruitment
  • Internal, growing digital team
  • Experienced engineers and technicians: quality management, supply chain, manufacturing engineering, FAI, materials management & logistics, IT security, …

Our Markets

  • Aerospace
  • Naval engineering
  • Wind power
  • General mechanical engineering


Always focused on the project goal, we move forward. In doing so, the project steps are adjusted in the short term, verifiable and above all with usable interim results with what has been learned and experienced.


Mastering the rapid transition of technologies in combination with individual use cases within the company – that is the principle behind our eco system.


At the end of the implementation, we work consistently on the transfer of content to the client organisation.

Your project partner for successful external support.

agile. digital. phenomenal.

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