Management & Engineering Project Partner

You specify the requirements.

We listen, understand and develop a sustainable solution for processes, products and services with you and make sure that everyone in the team really understands the issue.


Experienced managers and project managers take over tasks, e.g.:

  • Covering vacancies
  • Succession situations
  • Peak coverage
  • Entry into new markets
  • Unexpected (personnel) bottlenecks
  • Change and reorganisation projects
  • Shaping the digital transformation


Benefit for your successful and future-proof business model from, among others:

  • Short-term availability
  • Transparent cost budget
  • Time-limited reinforcement
  • Use of best practice
  • Very broad, international network
    Know-how protection (framework agreement, DDIM association)
How we achieve together your project objective


Meeting: On the basis of mutual trust, you take us on board and inform us of the initial situation.


Offer: You receive our offer with detailed explanations of the targeted business solution.


Order: Excellent! Next up is the on-site analysis, the basis for preparing the catalogue of measures.


Implementation: Our experts now implement the measures agreed with you on site in sprints.


Follow-up: The effectiveness is continuously monitored. Additional instruments may be applied during the follow-up.


Project objective: In a short time we have reached our mutual goal. Handover takes place as part of the final project review.

Business Management

Higher-level project management

Professional support for sensitive key areas where you also rely on first class implementation after the coordination phase.


After understanding your challenge, we present our solution to you and implement it in close coordination and cooperation with you. We work with comprehensible reporting.


Expert deployment management: We recruit the necessary people and resources and deploy them as required.


Budget control: We schedule the necessary budget and make sure that it is not exceeded.


  • Review of the status quo
  • Solution concept
  • Implementation
  • Transfer
  • Agile project management
  • Recovery Management
  • Organisational development


  • Operational Excellence (LEAN)
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Design-to-Cost
  • Business Development
  • Business Continuity

Engineering Management

Aero engineering and manufacturing services
From concept to series production: development and design, calculation and, of course, project and quality management. In addition, production-related engineering services such as production monitoring, testing, commissioning and the certification of our solutions also form part of our comprehensive range of services.


“Turnkey” solutions in the field of aircraft cabin conversions including project management and certification support.


Team with longstanding retrofit engineering experience and numerous successful projects for well-known OEMs and MROs form the basis of our claim.


Engineering team consists of exceptionally qualified technical specialists who are supported by approved partners if required (capacity and competence).


Certification of our solutions is also available thanks to close cooperation with partners and freelance experts.

Cabin Conversions

Equipment • Electrics • Mechanical • Structure • Systems

From development to integration within the aircraft, inclusive supplier management and project management – you will have but one point of contact delivering your ‘turnkey’ engineering solution.

From minor changes to full cabin conversions

  • Cost estimation on the aircraft (initial survey)
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Feasibility studies, installation and assembly studies, damage tolerance analysis
  • Industrial design and scope of work definition
  • Calculation and design of cabin components and systems
  • System integration
  • Programme, project and supplier management
  • Change management and claim management
  • Qualification / certification
  • Non conformity management
  • Layover support during conversion

Design Engineering (DE) responsibility

  • Preparation of specification documents
  • Expansion and installation drawings
  • Modification drawings
  • Parts lists
  • Design instructions
  • Implementation instructions
  • Adaptation of the weight and balance manual
  • Documentation for operator and maintenance requirements
  • Creation of verification documents to prove compliance with MoC 0 – Moc 9
  • Supplier management
  • Preparation of test plans and reports

Certification support

Consultancy and coordination in the definition of the certification documents and in the preparation of the jointly defined certification documents.

This service requires close coordination with the customer in order to harmonise the input data, use the customer’s standard documents and support the approval process, for example:

  • FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • FMES – Failure Mode Effect Summary
  • IHA – Intrinsic Hazards Analysis
  • MDF – Material Declaration Form (Reach)
  • MME – Maintenance and Maintainability Evaluation
  • RA – Reliability Analysis
  • SCM – Specification Compliance Matrix
  • SDD – System Description Document

The scope and required content of the documents depends on the authorisation and approval procedure of the customer and the responsible authority.

FAI Services

Wir beraten und unterstützen bei der Umsetzung  sowohl operativ als auch auf der Dokumentationsseite. Dazu gehören FAI Health Checks, die Optimierung von Prozessen, beginnend mit Testplanungsaktivitäten in Entwicklung und Produktion bis hin zu Qualitätssicherungsaufgaben.

Unsere Dienstleistung basiert auf der APQP-Logik sowie der EN 9102.

Service catalogue for flexible and demand-oriented processing

  • Conception of test planning and documentation
  • Realisation of first article inspections on aviation-specific components and preparation of the necessary documentation
  • Execution of technical tests such as dimensional measurement paths, functional material and installation tests
  • Initiating specific tests, e.g. strength tests, metallography tests, chemical tests
  • Checking and verifying the verification documentation
  • Release or blocking of products if required by the FAI report (blocked stock management)
  • Management: controlling, tracking, reporting, analysing, derivation and optimisation of activities
  • Consulting and optimisation of internal processes

Project experience

  • Creation of more than 1,200 FAI / FAI-R for primary and secondary structural components
  • Establishment of an FAI fire brigade on site at the customer’s premises, including management, team building, process definition, development of toolsets, etc.
  • Process definition and optimisation of FAI activities with the objective of effort reduction, process stabilisation and quality improvement

Personnel Management

Internal and external

Whether it’s peak coverage, adding know-how or finding your new specialist or manager – we quickly solve your needs.


Via temporary employment: We provide you with engineers, technicians and other qualified employees by interim management. Whether expert, trainer or consultant, we have the perfect candidate.


By Executive Search: We use our extensive network to identify your future employee.

Interim Management

Service agreement DLV

  • Expert
  • Consultant
  • Trainer
  • Coach

Executive Search

  • Specialist and management positions

Personnel Leasing

Temporary employment (“Arbeitnehmerüberlassung”, AÜG)

  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Project managers

Digital Management

Basis and innovation

With interdisciplinary expertise, we shape the digital transformation of your company or products together with you.

As an SME listed with the European Defence Agency (EDA), QRelation is authorised to work together with European partners on defence projects under one ‘roof’. By way of the European Defence Fund that falls under this parameter, QRelation is participating in a number of projects.


Within the scope of the European projects EDINAF – European Digital Naval Foundation and dTHOR – Digital Ship Structural Health Monitoring, QRelation is involved in several work packages. The digitalisation team processes and combines data throughout the entire digitalisation process to gain insights to support smart decision-making on naval vessels.


QRelation is also providing expertise in four of the Capability Technology groups (‘CapTechs’) established by the EDA. Specifically, these involve:

  • CapTech Communication Information Systems and Networks: research, technology and innovations for military communication systems ranging from devices to networks and information systems for data processing, fusion, analysis, distribution and presentation.
  • CapTech Aerial Systems: research and technology (R&D) for aerial systems in general and a range of additional technologies and systems, including wings, propulsion, unmanned aerial vehicles as well as essential future supporting system elements such as system diagnostics, fault prognostics and self-repair.
  • CapTech Naval Systems: support for European navies regarding current and future challenges within the areas of research and technology.
  • CapTech Simulation Technologies: innovative exploitation of simulation and computing technologies, serving multi-domain operations across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains.



Digital Services

Data Engineering: We sort and organise your company’s information and channel the data streams to make them usable.

Data Analytics: We find intelligent derivations from your data with which you can make all business processes more efficient and faster.

Digital “positioning”: Where do I rank in comparison to my competitors? Do I need to invest? Receive a practical, objective assessment, including recommendations for action, quickly and without obligation.



Exciting companies with special knowledge in one network. We orchestrate this network for the successful digitalisation of your supply chain, production, maintenance and service.


Digital Products

We make your company fit for the future with our field-tested AI applications. Use existing data in a targeted way – smart, efficient and innovative – e.g. with:

Data Management

Our expertise in data management allows you to optimise your data strategy, integrate data sources and improve data quality. We offer customised solutions for the aggregation, cleansing, migration, quality assurance, taxonomy, analysis and governance of data to support you in exploiting the full potential of your data.

Digital Twins

Use digital replicas of your physical systems to optimise performance, minimise risks and discover new business opportunities. Our digital twin solutions offer a virtual environment in which to analyse data in real time and perform simulations.

Predictive Maintenance

Minimise downtime and maximise availability with your digital maintenance assistant that combines human expertise with unlimited capacity from AI. Your customised software solution is scalable, delivers reliable results and identifies the root cause of machine downtime.

Knowledge Graph

Get valuable insights quickly and effectively by networking all your company data to gain an edge in knowledge and competition. All company data such as attachment data, emails, CSVs, PDFs, social media blogs and even images/videos are processed.


Dynamic production and technology- oriented industries especially benefit from our external expertise.


QRelation managers have exceptional proficiency at first and second level management and expert level.


Experienced, competent managers with strong implementation skills are at your disposal.

Your project partner for successful external support.

agile. digital. phenomenal.

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