Quality is about speaking the same language.

Our customers in technology industries benefit from our expertise in solving current and future challenges for management & engineering.

Aerospace, Renewable Energies, Logistics and more.

Profit from our experience for your successful and future-proof business model

You specify the requirement. We listen, understand and develop a sustainable solution for processes, products and services with you and make sure that everyone in the team really understands the issue.

Processes, products and services

Experienced managers and project managers take over tasks in critical situations, e.g.:

  • Covering vacancies
  • Succession situations
  • Peak coverage
  • Entry into new markets
  • Unexpected (personnel) bottlenecks
  • Change and reorganisation projects
  • Support for turnaround and restructuring

Your benefits

  • Short term availability
  • Transparent cost budget
  • Time-limited reinforcement
  • Use of best practice
  • Service contract allows exact charging per days worked

QRelation Team because

  • Deep management experience, internally especially in the aerospace industry
  • Very broad and international network
  • Deep technical understanding in aircraft construction
  • Senior expertise in international service management
  • Responsibility on site until completion of project
  • Cross-industry knowledge, which will be integrated into your company
  • Your know-how is protected (framework agreement, DDIM association)
  • Enabling very efficient and flexible organisation of your management resources (avoiding management overcapacity)

How we achieve together your project objective

01 Meeting

On the basis of mutual trust, you take us on board and inform us of the initial situation.

02 Offer

You receive our offer with detailed explanations of the targeted business solution.

03 Order

Excellent! Next up is the on-site analysis, the basis for preparing the catalogue of measures.

04 Implementation

Our experts now implement the measures agreed with you on site in sprints.

05 Follow-Up

The effectiveness is continuously monitored. Additional instruments may be applied during the follow-up.

06 Project Objective

In a short time we have reached our mutual goal. Handover takes place as part of the final project review.



Business Consulting

Professional advice for sensitive key areas where you also rely on first class implementation after the coordination phase.


With interdisciplinary expertise, we shape the digital transformation of your company or products together with you.

Personnel Services

Whether it’s peak coverage, adding know-how or finding your new specialist or manager – we quickly solve your needs.

Business Consulting


Quality Management

Modern quality management systems offer more than just the assurance of product or service quality. They are used as a comprehensive instrument for the sustainable and complete control of companies. The focus of a quality management system is the continuous improvement of processes to increase customer satisfaction.

The introduction of quality management in the form of a quality management system requires exact planning and implementation. Likewise, the improvement and further development of an existing quality management system is an extensive task. Our experts support you in the introduction, further development and internal audits.

For a comprehensive quality orientation of your company, we also support you in the introduction and implementation of quality management in the production and supply chain. The aim is to reduce costs due to rework or rejects. This results in a stable and optimized production process and thus a cost reduction. Together with you, we develop customized solutions and an individual quality management system, taking into account existing strengths and improvement potential of your company.

We are flexible in terms of contract form and work for you within the scope of a work package, a service contract or through temporary employment.

Benefit from our broad methodological knowledge in the following areas:

  • Introduction of QMS systems
  • Internal audits
  • FMEA
  • Design quality
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Practical problem solving
  • Advanced product quality planning
  • Total quality management
  • Test planning
  • Supply chain quality
Program Management

QRelation offers its customers the appropriate know-how when complex project management tasks have to be implemented in corresponding process steps.

On account of their expertise and experience, our project managers are in a position to successfully deal with such challenges. The success of the project is the utmost priority for them.

QRelation project managers are ideally involved right from the start. However, our management experts are also able to enter an ongoing project ad hoc, i.e. at short notice. In this way, the stringent implementation of the planned project can be guaranteed on time and within budget, even after a difficult start or a change of personnel.


Our logistics experts have extensive know-how due to their numerous project experiences and permanent specific further development. We use this know-how within the projects in a target-oriented and efficient way in order to generate a maximum benefit for you.

Our employees keep pace with progress and are very familiar with the innovations around Logistics 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution has opened up new possibilities for optimizing your supply chain, both in the area of digitalization within the supply chain and in the networking of man and machine.

Constant communication and close integration of your employees into the project process are our priority. We develop and implement tailor-made innovative solutions for you with the aim of reducing processing times and lowering logistics costs. In this way we increase the competitiveness of your company.

We are flexible in the form of contracts and work for you in a work package, via a service contract or also in the supply of temporary employees. For the implementation of your projects we offer you the following range of services:

  • Logistics 4.0
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process- and potential analyses
  • Material flow planning
  • Materials Management
  • Warehouse management and layout planning
  • Conception and implementation of industrial trucks (indoor/outdoor)
  • Load carrier conception and management
  • e-Kanban

QRelation interim production managers are specialists in the market- and customer-oriented alignment of production processes and locations. In the case of international companies, this is not purely a matter of ensuring a smooth process, but also of being sensitive to the respective cultural practices

Applying their technical and business expertise, our managers ensure structures and processes are perfected, while simultaneously keeping an eye on employee motivation. Our specialists also plan process-related changes in relation to the development of new locations and production lines.


Operational Excellence (LEAN)

Allow us to take a look at your corporate strategy. If necessary, we will optimise your business and production processes with you in order to

  • increase productivity
  • improve quality
  • and reduce overall costs.

Furthermore, we also support you in identifying attractive markets and customer groups and in developing suitable products.

Merger & Acquisition

There is hardly a situation within a company that generates more dramatic consequences for employees than an acquisition or sales process, which inevitably results in major change. However, it is precisely in such phases that highly specialised know-how is urgently needed that is not available within the company. QRelation consultants are a sensible solution in such circumstances: They address the necessary changes prudently and with consideration for existing company values.

  • Managers for the operational support of M&A activities, knowledge transfer in due diligence projects
  • Preparation and execution of company (part) sale, post-merger integration
  • Managers for certain subtasks in restructuring and reorganisation projects

Our structured transaction process for selling a company – get an idea (PDF).

Together with our partner SYNAVIA, we have developed a consistent phase model for a structured sales process. Together with the seller, we ensure that his company is attractive to investors and that the company value is appropriately compensated at the time of sale.
We also support the company after the sale to ensure a successful transition. Strategic investors are often integrated into a group of companies, which we can support accordingly if desired.

We offer our clients the complete transaction process, but are also ready to offer individual phases of the process. This modular offer allows the seller to approach the process step by step with minimised risk, without having to make high upfront payments or major commitments.


We have gained our expertise in cost reduction, production optimisation and process design from our projects in the manufacturing industry. Our services focus on methods for increasing productivity and reducing throughput times in manufacturing and assembly in the various industries.

We consider the entire production chain of your company and create transparency. Production processes are analysed and improvement potentials are discovered method-neutrally. Be it MTM, lean production, value stream mapping, Kanban, Kaizen or Six Sigma: we have comprehensive methodological know-how.

We put a premium on quality and the reduction of costs due to reworking and rejects. This results in a stable, standardised and optimised production process with a lean and effective personnel and management structure.

We do not merely work for you within your company, we work with you and your employees. We support you at the very core within the team. In this way we guarantee immediate feedback, rapid validation and training “on the job” with sustainable success. Our focus in production optimisation is the overall efficiency of your company.

Experience gained in numerous projects and project management certified to PMI standards enables us to consistently master even larger projects successfully. Our processes and project procedures are documented and we hold DIN EN 9100 certification. We are flexible in terms of contract form and work for you within the scope of a work package, a service contract or through temporary employment.

Business Development

Planning to introduce a new product or long been thinking about opening up new target groups and markets? Anxious about the additional time and personnel costs automatically associated with such projects?

Our managers are on hand to address all expansion issues. They analyse your company situation in detail and work closely with you on all expansion-related assignments and challenges or alternatively provide targeted support with their know-how.


Digital Transformation

Successful digitalisation requires interdisciplinary expertise. The answer to this challenge is the totaldigital ecosystem.

For each project, we bring together the exact team that best fits your requirements.

The totaldigital ecosystem brings together all relevant solution providers: from partner companies and start-ups to established IT companies.

We orchestrate this network with one goal: to realise the complete value creation of the digital transformation of supply chain, production, maintenance and service for your company.

How do we collaborate to make your company fit for the future? totaldigital.ai!

Predictive Maintenance

Simply optimise your production process.

The innovative predictive maintenance software solution tailored to your needs minimises downtime and maximises availability.

Your digital maintenance assistant, which combines human expertise with the unlimited processing capacity of AI, is scalable, delivers reliable results and identifies the cause of machine failures.

Knowledge Graph

Corporate search engine with smart Knowledge Graph

Gain valuable insights quickly and effectively with the Knowledge Graph by connecting all your corporate data to gain a knowledge and competitive edge. All company data – from departments as well as sources – such as attachment data, e-mails, CSVs, PDFs, social media contributions and images/videos are used and processed.

To lift a treasure trove of data for you out of the confusing knowledge conglomeration, the Knowlegde Graph allows previously unimagined connections to become visible, which also show you cost-saving and growth potentials.

How does it work? First, the data is collected, then analysed and networked into a context. Then, software-based, targeted information is extracted from documents of various kinds, which, including previously unused data, is automatically converted into valuable knowledge.

This information, including previously unused data, is automatically converted into valuable knowledge. Access to this knowledge is then possible, for example, via a web frontend tailored to your needs, and information can be found via an intelligent search function.

QRelation’s Knowledge Graph helps you gain valuable insights from your company data with the fastest and best solution currently available. Evaluate your unstructured data and never let valuable knowledge get lost again in the future.

Personnel Services

Interim Management

The tempo of innovation is rapid. Those who can adapt quickly to new requirements gain a decisive competitive edge.

Quickly deployable, highly qualified and team-oriented specialists are in greater demand than ever. And they are more difficult to find than ever.

Thanks to our understanding of the market and our customers, we are aware of these problems. Which is why we have made it our business to look for the best – and find them.

Peak Time Support

If you are looking to flexibly supplement your core team for a limited time with qualified external specialists, then we are the right partner for your company.

We have access to an exceptional network of highly qualified operatives, who can be deployed to precisely meet your needs.

Benefit from our broad experience. We offer you specialists with professional experience who provide support to your core team on projects or during bottlenecks and order peaks.

Executive Search

In the area of personnel recruitment, we support you in filling vacant management positions. We can do this particularly effectively in a dual function: we take over the vacant position within the scope of an interim assignment. Within a very short time we will know all the real challenges our successor will face and will have ‘inhaled’ the corporate culture.

We will consequently know exactly who to look for and where to look on your behalf. Through our expansive network, vast experience in numerous industries and cooperation with a long-standing personnel consulting partner, we can quickly find the right employee for you.


External expertise

Dynamic production and technology- oriented industries especially benefit from our external expertise.

at all levels

QRelation managers have exceptional proficiency at first and second level management and expert level.

with independent view

Experienced, competent managers with strong implementation skills are at your disposal.

When quality is essential, we are your project partner.

agile. digital. phenomenal.

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