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Kai Kisseberth

“The highest performance is achieved through the symbiosis of technological excellence and human values.”


Qualification: Graduate engineer (FH) Mechanical Engineering / Certified Systems Engineer Level C / Profile Dynamics® Consultant and Team Profiler

Industries: Automotive, Technology

Kai Kisseberth is a highly experienced technical consultant and manager. For 25 years, he was the successful managing director of a development service provider for vehicle development. In addition to leadership at various locations, he has supported renowned premium vehicle manufacturers and up-and-coming start-ups worldwide aswell as managing complex large-scale projects.

His experience has taught him that the human factor makes all the difference. Successful companies are built on strong and motivated teams.

He is familiar with the basic principles of effective leadership, based on the St. Gallen management model. His aspirations in the field of systems engineering are reflected in his certification as a Certified Systems Engineer Level C. As a Profile Dynamics consultant, he analyses the motivational factors of individuals and teams in order to develop a deep understanding of individual needs.


Strategy development: Analysing the environment, the company and the market situation and implementing the developed strategies in a practice-oriented approach.

Organisational consulting: Development of organisational and personnel structures. Methodical approach begins with an in-depth analysis of the current situation, followed by the clear definition of objectives and the planning and implementation of measures.

Personality and team analysis: Conducting in-depth analyses to identify individual strengths and align teams for harmonious collaboration.

Technical consulting: Setting up project structures and teams in an international environment with many different cultural influences. Conception and design of vehicles in a wide range of categories – from pioneering last-mile concepts to high-performance super sports cars. Efficient organisation of internal and external interfaces.


Organisational development

  • Adaptation of the organisational structure to current needs (team structure, matrix structure, divisional structure)
  • Support for the corresponding opportunity processes

Portfolio management

  • Ongoing portfolio review
  • Discontinuation of unprofitable service offerings
  • Further development and reorganisation of service offerings

Support for major international projects

  • Customer care
  • Escalation level
  • Project steering committee chairman
  • Coaching/sparring overall project manager

Consultancy for start-ups

  • Consultancy in relation to technical tasks
  • Consultancy on management topics
  • Advice and support in the further development of the organisational structure

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