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Volker Hummel

“As a consultant, I contribute very successfully my cross-divisional and cross-sector expertise to interim mandates. I am a strong and communicative manager, team player and conflict solver, self-reliant, consistent, flexible and resilient.”


Qualification: Graduatet Engineer / Safety Engineer / Lead Auditor

Industries: Power utilities, electrical industry, aeronautical engineering, railways, federal authorities

Graduated engineer Volker Hummel is a very experienced lead auditor of quality management systems for organizations in numerous industries. In addition, he is an experienced security engineer who is well versed in the challenges of companies and international corporations in the field of information security and IT security.

Mandates / Competencies:

Quality Management / Quality Assurance / Process Management

  • Director Global Quality & Operational Excellence for a large manufacturer of electrical components (Europe and Asia)
  • Head of Quality Assurance and Documentation at the German subsidiary of a European energy utility company
  • Quality Coordinator of a European service provider for the industrial production and distribution of technical information
  • Consulting and Project Management: Development of methods and tools, occupational safety

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