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Holger Hafner

“I facilitate sustainable change through my proven working methods and personal skills.”


Qualification: Graduate industrial engineer for production / team and personal development, mentor / coaching of employees and managers, 30 years of leadership experience

Industry focus: Manufacturing industrial companies with complex products and processes

Holger Hafner is a consultant and interim manager with the ability to develop customised strategies and business models from existing resources and structures. He also focusses on the implementation of complex projects with a high degree of efficiency improvement. Empowering stakeholders to achieve continuous improvement is at the centre of his work.

His aim is to lead your organisation on the path to greater holistic success by making optimum use of existing potential. In doing so, his focus is always on customer benefit and is characterised by transparent progress measurement.


  • Transformation and scaling: restructuring, increasing efficiency, development and growth of business areas.
  • Projects: Projects to reduce process times, increase efficiency, reorganisation and product development.
  • Leadership and organisational development: holistic leadership and development of management teams and corporate cultures in which employees can perform at their best.


  • Leadership skills through personality, empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • Strategic expertise through completed projects and methodological expertise.
  • Operational excellence through many operational management tasks.
  • Holistic corporate development through leadership roles and restructuring projects.
  • Organisational competence through “It can be done if” mentality and methods.
  • Passion and goal-orientation through the example set by your own attitude.


  • CEO
  • CRO
  • C-level project lead
  • Coach and impulse generator

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