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Jacqueline Groher

“Develop organisations further and drive change with new thinking tools for different perspectives!”


Qualification: Diploma in business administration (BA), organisational designer, business mediator, Master of NLP, …

Industries: Renewable energies, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, automotive, plant construction, metal, wholesale and retail, service companies, administrations, local authorities and non-profit organisations

Jacqueline Groher gained her expertise during her many years as a manager and managing director for national and international companies in industry and trade.

She knows the topics and areas of conflict of her clients and knows how to get people into action, to inspire and irritate them, because only irritation frees people from routine. She is able to break with old mindsets and emotional blockages, provide new impetus and encourage managers to take more responsibility for themselves and their lives. She is a woman from practice for practice.

Practical experience

  • 15 years in industry and trade, including 8 years as managing director of a trading company with profit and loss responsibility
  • Since 2002 also active as a trainer, moderator and process consultant
  • Since 2005, specialising in leadership development, team coaching, mediation and crisis management
  • Change management support since 2008
  • Since 2012 accompaniment of company successions
  • Trainer experience in business moderation, conflict management and environmental psychology
  • Industry experience in the fields of renewable energies, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, automotive, plant engineering, metal, wholesale and retail, service companies, administrations, local government and non-profit organisations

Key areas

  • Management sparring with company management
  • Moderation of strategy workshops or closed meetings
  • Development of vision, mission and principles of cooperation and communication
  • Executive coaching
  • Support for teams and managers on topics such as collaboration, culture, structure and process review and reorganisation
  • Physical or virtual large group events
  • Development and implementation of leadership programmes

Personal experience

  • Many years of successful work with top German and international companies in major municipal energy industry research centre projects and change processes
  • Developing and supporting transformation and cultural projects
  • Collaboration with particularly challenging clients (including top managers, management consultants, clinic directors and medical directors)
  • High level of methodological expertise (e.g. through work as a teaching trainer and continuous further development of own consultant and trainer training)

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