Use external expertise to get topics on track.


Approach and solve tasks independently.


Anchoring sustainable project success.

Aerospace, Wind Energy, Automotive, Logistics, ...

Especially in such dynamic industries which are production and technology-oriented external expertise is increasingly needed.

For our management specialists from such dynamic and at the same time production- and technology-intensive industries, it is their daily business to tackle problems, solve conflicts and immediately get deeply involved in the operative implementation.

QRelation managers have special expertise in the 1st and 2nd management levels as well as at expert level in the business areas:

Program and Project Management

QRelation offers its customers the right know-how when complex project management tasks have to be implemented in corresponding process steps.

Due to their expertise and experience, our project managers are able to successfully deal with such challenges. For them, the success of the project consistently comes first.

Ideally, the QRelation project manager is involved right from the start. However, our management experts are also able to enter an ongoing project ad hoc, i.e. at short notice. In this way, the stringent implementation of the planned project can be guaranteed on time and within budget, even after a difficult start or a change of personnel.

Production / Technology
QRelation Production Interim Managers are specialists for a market- and customer-oriented alignment of production processes and locations. For international companies it is not only a matter of ensuring a smooth process, but also of being sensitive to the respective cultural customs.

With their technical and commercial competence, our managers ensure the perfection of structures and processes and also keep an eye on the motivation of the employees. Our specialists also plan process-related changes in the development of new locations and production lines.

Business Management

QRelation Interim Managers at the executive level steer companies confidently through phases of major change. Whether the deployment of an interim managing director becomes necessary, e.g. through the establishment of a new subsidiary or through a complex restructuring: we rise to the challenge as Managing Director, CEO or COO.

Our interim managers are able to make decisions much more objectively and “unburdened” than internal managers. In addition, there is the fast availability and the elimination of time-consuming training.

Personnel Consulting

As a manager in the personnel area, you need a great deal of sensitivity. After all, everything revolves around the “human resource”: i.e. beyond personnel administration and controlling systems, our personnel managers are aware that all optimization and change projects in this area are often particularly sensitive for this reason e.g. in projects involving the reduction of personnel.

Here it is always the goal of the QRelation managers to put these plans into practice and to try to avoid major internal conflicts and not to increase the already existing strains.

Our managers also ensure that recruiting processes in the company are more focused and efficient and that urgently needed specialists, for example, can be set up and trained more quickly.

Reorganization / Restructuring

Dealing with major changes or a crisis situation is a difficult and complex matter. The internal planning is often influenced too much by the hierarchical or corporate political forces. An external, neutral leader of QRelation is able to conduct the desired changes objectively and keep the focus entirely on the business goal.

Not to forget: Managers and internal executives can concentrate on their primary responsibilities during this time.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the most diverse areas of change management, we have been able to put a large number of companies back on track in recent years.

Our services at a glance:

  • Planning and organizing as well as controlling and monitoring the change process
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential interference factors
  • Involving internal and external stakeholders affected by the change process
  • Development of a complete concept with ad-hoc measures
  • Implementation of the concept into the entire process
Sales / Marketing
Product relaunches, new product launches and market analyses: today’s marketing departments of companies have to deal with tasks and challenges that are becoming increasingly complex. This means that the QRelation Interim Manager not only has a lot of experience in dealing with classic marketing instruments, but is also familiar with digital media and social networks.

On the part of sales, our interim experts develop and implement complete sales processes as well as strategic questions and also conduct sales training courses.

And QRelation also secures the future development of your company through its management expertise in marketing and sales. For example, we support you in opening up new markets or entering new regions.

Purchasing / Logistics
If customers need to strengthen or even restructure the internal purchasing department at short notice, QRelation interim managers can quickly and efficiently initiate the necessary change processes.

Whether it is a matter of renegotiating framework agreements and supplier conditions or whether fundamental make-or-buy decisions have to be made: our interim managers act objectively, rationally and responsibly with the aim of creating stable and reliable supplier relationships over the long term. Their positive effects extend far beyond the duration of our managers’ assignments.

In corporate logistics, our interim managers intervene when grown complexities have to be reduced or redundant structures have to be centralised. In addition to reducing costs, this is almost always accompanied by the desire for faster production processes in order to increase the ability to deliver and meet customer requirements even better.

From the review of the distribution strategy to the outsourcing of inventories, you can place your trust in us.

The deployment of interim managers in controlling today is not only more diverse than ever: professional communication with banks and the capital market is extremely important for many companies today. And the expansion to new, international markets as well as competent handling of due diligence during an M&A project are also part of the scope of duties here.

If the company has already slipped into a difficult situation, an experienced QRelation financial manager can rebuild trusting relationships with banks and other institutions. We create clarity about the actual situation and develop the prerequisites for improvements that can be implemented quickly.


Experienced, competent managers with strong implementation skills are at your disposal.


Consulting and Implementation

When experience matters

When making important strategic corporate decisions, the view of external experts is often decisive in order to recognize challenges at an early stage – and to avoid them.

The professionals of QRelation support you in sensitive key areas with professional consulting services. After the consulting and coordination phase, it’s time for implementation. You can confidently trust our services and solutions.

M&A Processes

Hardly any other situation has such dramatic consequences for employees in a company as acquisition or sales processes, which automatically lead to major changes. Often with unpleasant personnel consequences for many employees (keyword hiring freeze).

However, it is precisely in such phases that highly specialized know-how is urgently needed that is not available in the company. Here QRelation Interim Managers are a reasonable solution: They approach the necessary changes carefully and with consideration for existing company values.

  • Managers for the operational support of M&A activities, knowledge transfer in due diligence projects
  • Preparation and execution of company (part) sale, post merger integration
  • Managers for certain subtasks in restructuring and reorganization projects
Corporate Strategy

When making important strategic corporate decisions, the view of external experts is often decisive in order to recognize challenges at an early stage – and to avoid them.

“Good advice is followed by well thought-out action”: The professionals from QRelation support you in sensitive key areas with professional consulting services.

Business Development & Sales

Are you planning to introduce a new product or have you been thinking for a long time about opening up new target groups and markets but are afraid of the additional time and personnel costs that such projects automatically cause?

Our managers can be used excellently for all growth questions. They analyse the situation of your company in detail and work closely with you on all expansion-related tasks and challenges, or they support you specifically with their know-how.


Always in the first league or how you will still be way ahead tomorrow!

Do your products still reach the market tomorrow or are they still interesting for the customer of the future, because to buy through the right channels, attractive compared to other offers etcetera? In addition to supporting you on your way to your individual digital strategy, we can also be your driving force for valuable innovations, so that your products will also play in the first league tomorrow.

And with a focused view of your market position and business model, we also look at your process landscape and optimize it together with your staff.

Reorganization / Restructuring

Dealing with major changes or crisis situations is a difficult and complex matter. Often the internal planning is too strongly influenced by hierarchical or company political forces. Here, an external, neutral QRelation manager can initiate the desired changes “unburdened” and always has only the objective company goal in mind.

Not to forget: Managing directors and internal executives can then concentrate fully on their actual tasks during this time.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the most diverse areas of change management, we have been able to bring a large number of companies back on track in recent years.

Our services at a glance:

  • Planning and organizing as well as controlling and reviewing the change process
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential disruptive factors
  • Inclusion of internal and external stakeholders affected by the change process
  • Development of a holistic concept with ad hoc measures
  • Implementation of the concept into the overall process
  • Internationalisation

In the past, companies expanding internationally usually sent their own management experts or specialists to the respective country. Today you have the opportunity to go a more efficient way.

Whether you need language skills, cultural differences or other competitive conditions, QRelation managers have the skills and experience to master such challenges.

From site assessment to on-site crisis management – the QRelation team ensures your future plans with its high level of professionalism.

Feasibility – Business Case

Certainly not doomed to failure

Just do it and see what comes out in the end? That can be expensive. And yet the development of new products or their further development is elementary in order to position your company successfully on the market in the long term.

Therefore, it is better to get support from experienced project managers and consultants before the start of a project. QRelation analyses your idea:

  • technical feasibility
  • economic feasibility
  • internal project implementation capability in your company the framework conditions in which the project will be implemented (in particular the legal situation)
  • Stakeholder acceptance (e.g. political environment)
Executive Recruitment
In the area of personnel recruitment, we support you in filling vacant management positions. We can do this particularly effectively in a dual function: we take over the vacant position within an interim assignment. Within a very short time we know all the real demands on our successor and have ‘breathed’ the corporate culture.

That’s why we know exactly where and who we are successfully looking for for you. Thanks to our large network, a vast amount of experience in numerous industries and cooperation with a long-standing personnel consulting partner, we can quickly find the right employee for you.

Staff Shortage / Peak Times Support

The innovation tempo is rapid. Those who can adapt quickly to new requirements gain a decisive competitive advantage. Quickly deployable, highly qualified and at the same time team-oriented specialists are more in demand than ever. And they are more difficult to find than ever.

Thanks to our familiarity with the market and our customers, we know the problems. That’s why we have made it our business to look for the best – and to find them.

If you would like to supplement your core team flexibly and for a limited time with qualified specialists from outside, we are the right partner for your company. We have access to an excellent network of highly qualified employees, who are deployed exactly according to your needs.

Benefit from our broad experience. We offer you specialists with professional experience who support your core team during projects, bottlenecks and order peaks.

Corporate Succession

A company succession is not just a question of routine, but is highly sensitive and can prevent companies from operating in their markets with their usual strength and presence for a longer period of time. Internal conflicts and unclear regulations can lead to “paralysis”.

To avoid this, an interim solution from QRelation can be exactly the right way: With an external manager and moderator, the different internal company needs can be clearly identified at an early stage and other solutions or compromises can be reached that prevent major conflicts.


Project Solutions

Method-based, effective expert knowledge

QRelation develops solutions for the entire spectrum of your operational management.

Our long-standing clientele includes companies of various legal forms, sizes and industries.

However, as experienced service providers, we know that there are many reasons for one of our managers to implement a solution in your company: The success of your project depends not only on its feasibility but also on the competence and personality of our experts and teams.

SCOR (Supply Chain)

Perform the Quick Check with us! The QRelation Managers stabilize your production with their proven methods and experiences!

If a company can define its supply chain, it must also be measured. Once it has been evaluated, there is also potential for further improvement in comparison to reference values in the industry. And they motivate you in such a way that you want to carry out continuous improvement!

With the SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) method we offer a cross-industry method to measure and continuously improve your supply chain!

A SCOR Project Lifecycle is essentially divided into 8 steps:

  1. Providing information on how to improve the supply chain in your company in order to obtain the right support.
  2. Creating a common understanding of where to start improvement efforts.
  3. Organisation of improvement actions
  4. Carrying out the right competitive analysis to define business opportunities
  5. Building a platform for change
  6. Align strategy, material flow, workflow and information flow to focus on the right changes.
  7. Measurable KPIs to show the financial value of change
  8. Implementation of these changes to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage

Your material will flow through your value chain more smoothly in the required quality at the planned time, faster by reducing stock levels and more efficiently by reorganising the use of resources.


Scrum is not an abbreviation, but originates from rugby and means translated as “dense crowd”. This is what happens when the players gather around the ball in rugby – a lot of experience comes together!

The SCRUM method originally comes from software development, but is now used as a method in agile project management. It makes it possible to structure smaller and less comprehensive components, the increments (smallest step sizes), from complex tasks.

This experience-based approach is based on:

  1. Transparency: Both the progress of the project and the blockages/difficulties are fixed regularly and visibly for all participants.
  2. Control: The results and functional scope are also regularly provided and validated.
  3. Harmonization: Product requirements and further procedures are continuously and comprehensively adjusted.

For the implementation of the project goals we plan an agile project initially with a few sprints according to the SCRUM methodology within a time horizon of 4-6 weeks. The duration of the individual sprints is about 2 weeks and is supervised by the SCRUM Master.

At the end of each sprint, a review is held with the customer to present the results of the sprint, analyse them and plan the next sprint accordingly. The defined backlogs are re-prioritized, possibly redistributed over the sprints or new backlogs are defined. If a backlog is not finally closed in the sprint, it is re-prioritized in a subsequent sprint. The review includes the completion and acceptance of the sprint.

The backlogs (list with the prioritized requirements of a project) for the sprints are defined together with the customer at the beginning of the project.

RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)

Reduce costs and increase the production reliability of your machines and production lines at the same time.

Let our very reliable pragmatism prevail in order to create maintenance plans that work with you. Your business objectives and requirements set the course. In three phases (preparation, analysis and implementation) we trim your maintenance measures to fit the bill: get the right things done at the right time with the least effort.

Take advantage of the competence of the QRelation experts, who help you to develop your customized maintenance strategy on the basis of an analysis of the current situation and pragmatic derivations.

QRelation working principles

  • High probability of target achievement (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Individually aligned, functioning and reliable change and development processes
  • Learning / training effects for the participants
  • Impulses and new perspectives on the situation and approaches to solutions
  • High degree of flexibility in cooperation with us
  • High productivity of our deployment
FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

Avoid errors right from the start and save costs

The FMEA method (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) allows us to optimize your processes with regard to a failure prevention strategy or technical reliability in general. This analysis is already effective in the development phase of new products or processes in order to detect errors and minimize the possibility of occurrence.

The QRelation FMEA consulting helps you to

  • recognize errors in processes and to avoid them with effective measures
  • reduce consequential error costs, warranty services and subsequent system modifications
  • sharpen the knowledge of quality management relevance in the company

In-depth structural analysis

All system elements involved are precisely recorded to create a detailed system structure. This allows the properties defined by the system to be specifically checked and verified.

Functional analysis

Functions are assigned to the identified system elements and linked to a function network. The verification of the system requirements can thus be carried out effectively.

Error analysis

Error functions are assigned to the created functions and linked to an error network. This enables early identification of possible errors and error sources.

Risk assessment (analysis of measures)

In an FMEA form, actual states can be linked with error avoidance and error detection measures. It is particularly important to name concrete times and dates as well as the responsible persons or organizational units. Improved risk analyses can be derived from the knowledge gained.


The risk analysis allows to define further necessary measures to reduce or eliminate errors. A forward-looking quality policy that is constantly improving itself can thus be planned, implemented and documented.

Necessity for preventive error avoidance strategies

In practical work, one encounters again and again the same well-worn patterns that hinder effective error avoidance and unnecessarily complicate one’s own risk management. Especially the insight for the necessity of early risk analyses is often not given or underdeveloped in companies. Even executives often lack the sense for the purpose and benefit of such measures, because they have usually risen within the company. Risk analyses are therefore either not supported by existing processes or do not follow an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, the risk analysis often only takes place through external pressure (customer, supplier) or problems that have occurred and not on their own initiative.

Here, too, external consulting with appropriately trained trainers can ensure more acceptance and more initiative because the best quality management results from one’s own dissatisfaction with the given situation.

Product Lifecycle Management

The life cycle cost analysis provides insight into the purchase and set-up costs (what does the purchase and commissioning of my machine cost?) as well as the associated operating costs (what costs are incurred when my machine is put into operation?) and the end-of-life costs (disposal costs?).

This makes it possible not only to evaluate potential purchases according to price, but also to make machine and plant costs comparable over the entire service life. The lowest-cost machine could actually cause the highest price in terms of operating costs (cycle times, manpower, maintenance, downtime, energy consumption, and so on). Therefore, procurement / replacement decisions on different system / machine concepts from different suppliers should be supported by life cycle cost analyses.

Operational decisions are supported equally by past, current and future cost items and their evolution over time. These include resource requirements, maintenance requirements (autonomous, corrective, predictive and preventive; all including spare parts involved), energy, downtime and waste.
Life cycle cost analysis can also provide indications of design improvements (subassemblies with lower energy consumption, easier handling, less maintenance, etc.) and a decision point for system/machine replacement.


The scope of life cycle cost analysis extends from commissioning to the end of the life cycle including optimization of overall administrative costs.

Taking into account the maintenance strategy, the most efficient ratio of correction, forecasting and preventive maintenance should be defined to minimise both maintenance costs and downtime.

Track performance to detect deviations and define countermeasures.

Net present value calculation to evaluate new/replacement machines and equipment and to calculate the benefits of changes.


Management Products

Field-tested through and through

Start surfing the digital wave now instead of being rolled over!

Find and maintain the right digital balance with our help!

TotalDigital is the name of our management product for digitalisation / digital transformation. With our Ecosystem, which was created especially for digitisation projects, we move the digital transformation of supply chain, production, maintenance and service in your company forward.

How can we work together to make your company more sustainable? TotalDigital.ai!

Identification and realisation of efficiency potentials along the entire value chain.

In addition to the challenges of digital transformation, our expertise covers the areas of factory and logistics planning, production and quality.

Shortened delivery times, increased adherence to delivery deadlines and the constantly increasing number of variants under steadily rising price pressure require an adaptation of today’s production systems.

Digital transformation: completely rethinking, optimizing and integrating business processes

With our 360° Ecosystem TotalDigital we offer you as a full service provider all you need for the transformation of your supply chain, production, maintenance and service.


Generate a flowing treasure trove of data from various data streams with Data Engineering

More and more data is created in your company. And it contains strategic knowledge, a key to your company’s success. With Data Engineering we open up all relevant data sources for you and direct the data flow in the right direction. But for this, the quality of the data must be right, it should be retrievable and processable.

Therefore, use our support to analyze, structure, clean up or enrich your data streams. They can then be optimally used for data science projects or deep learning. You can also rely on our wealth of experience in technology selection and the required database architecture.

Using Data Science for fast digital transformation with existing data and systems

Nowadays machines store large amounts of sensor data. However, conventional methods of data processing are not able to structure this information effectively. With Data Science, your company will quickly realize the full potential of digitization. We analyze data of different sizes and structures. The spectrum of analysis methods includes statistics as well as machine learning methods including deep learning.

With Digital Processes downtime and closure firmly under control

With digitalized and networked processes in production tailored to your company, you have downtime and system and component abrasion precisely under control.

With the right maintenance strategy, the right maintenance concept, the design and introduction of appropriate productive and administrative processes, we ensure that your plant runs when it should.

Tailored to your needs: materials management, logistics and supplier management are geared to supplying your plant – in line with your requirements and cost-efficiently.

Significant productivity advantages through end-to-end assistance systems

Digital twins not only significantly increase efficiency by eliminating the need for time-consuming searches or manual data entry. It also avoids latitude and errors in the interpretation of documents and thus also significantly increases the quality of products or processes.

Process digitization and process assistance through smart assistance systems for structured digitization of manual processes or partial automation in combination with intelligent tools, such as measuring devices, industrial machines, indoor navigation systems, barcode scanners, QR code recognition, laser scanners and many more.

Assistance systems do not simply extract data from design, repair and assembly instructions, HR documents, databases and other data sources. They also interpret and understand them (automated)!

Employees are thus provided with the respective process in 3D in the form of an app on tablet, smartphone, data or augmented reality glasses, depending on the context. If required, a fast real-time search can be integrated, allowing access to all information on the current work process.

In the relevant application, the user triggers the automated, downstream documentation of the work results simply by selecting or confirming contents.

In production, this even allows automatic detection of defects in components. Lesions can be imaged with additional information using data glasses and the automated analysis is made available via laser scanners.

Let us advise you in detail about the different possibilities!

Production: Design-to-Cost
We have built up our expertise in cost reduction, production optimization and process design from our projects in the manufacturing industry. Our services focus on methods for increasing productivity and reducing throughput times in manufacturing and assembly in the various industries.

We consider the entire production chain of your company and create transparency. Production processes are analysed and improvement potentials are discovered method-neutrally. Whether MTM, Lean Production, value stream mapping, Kanban, Kaizen or Six Sigma: we have a broad methodological know-how. We pay great attention to quality and the reduction of costs through rework or rejects. This results in a stable, standardized and optimized production process with a lean and effective personnel and management structure.

We do not only work for you in your company, we work together with you and your employees. We support you directly at the basis in the team. In this way we guarantee immediate feedback, rapid validation and training “on the job” with lasting success.

Our focus in production optimization is the overall efficiency of your company.

Thanks to our experience from numerous projects and a project management certified according to PMI standards, we always master even larger projects successfully. Our processes and project procedures are documented and we are certified according to DIN EN 9100.

We are flexible in the form of contracts and work for you in a work package, via a service contract or also in temporary employment.

Logistics: Reduction of processing times and cost reduction
Our logistics experts have extensive know-how due to their numerous project experiences and permanent specific further development. We use this know-how within the projects in a target-oriented and efficient way in order to generate a maximum benefit for you.

Our employees keep pace with progress and are very familiar with the innovations around Logistics 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution has opened up new possibilities for optimizing your supply chain, both in the area of digitalization within the supply chain and in the networking of man and machine.

Constant communication and close integration of your employees into the project process are our priority. We develop and implement tailor-made innovative solutions for you with the aim of reducing processing times and lowering logistics costs. In this way we increase the competitiveness of your company.

We are flexible in the form of contracts and work for you in a work package, via a service contract or also in the supply of temporary employees.

For the implementation of your projects we offer you the following range of services:

  • Logistics 4.0
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process- and potential analyses
  • Material flow planning
  • Materials Management
  • Warehouse management and layout planning
  • Conception and implementation of industrial trucks (indoor/outdoor)
  • Load carrier conception and management
  • e-Kanban
Quality: Sustainable and overall corporate management

Modern quality management systems offer more than just the assurance of product or service quality. They are used as a comprehensive instrument for the sustainable and complete control of companies. The focus of a quality management system is the continuous improvement of processes to increase customer satisfaction.

The introduction of quality management in the form of a quality management system requires exact planning and implementation. Likewise, the improvement and further development of an existing quality management system is an extensive task. Our experts support you in the introduction, further development and internal audits.

For a comprehensive quality orientation of your company, we also support you in the introduction and implementation of quality management in the production and supply chain. The aim is to reduce costs due to rework or rejects. This results in a stable and optimized production process and thus a cost reduction. Together with you, we develop customized solutions and an individual quality management system, taking into account existing strengths and improvement potential of your company.

We are flexible in the form of a contract and work for you in a work package, via a service contract or also in the provision of temporary workers.

Benefit from our broad methodological knowledge in the following areas:

  • Introduction of QMS Systems
  • Internal Audits
  • FMEA
  • Design Quality
  • Continuous Improvement Process
  • Practical Problem Solving
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Total Quality Management
  • Test Planning
  • Supply Chain Quality

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