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Heinz Willich

“I have a wealth of experience in the broad field of program and quality management. My focus is on supplier development and qualification.”


Qualification: Graduate Engineer Electrical Power Engineering

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Technology

Heinz Willich is an expert in optimizing existing industrial processes in the supply chain as well as developing and implementing new processes across all phases of aircraft production – from the concept phase to engineering and manufacturing to delivery.

He is able to apply his experience of more than 25 years in the aviation industry in a value-adding way also in automotive engineering or medical technology.

He follows topics like:

  • Optimization of cross-sector sales structures,
  • Initiation of new customer loyalty programs,
  • Qualification of subcontractors
  • and the networking of the aviation and automotive industry.

Mr. Willich is used to thinking in transnational contexts and developing solutions that are accepted and work across national borders. He can draw on his considerable knowledge of globally applicable standards, methods and tools.

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