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Guido Thabe

“I believe that quality assurance is more than just compliance – it’s about building trust and developing sustainable solutions that meet customer requirements and expectations. My hands-on approach allows me to identify problems early and resolve them quickly, resulting in more efficient and successful project delivery.”


Qualification: Quality Assurance Specialist / Business Economist
Industry focus: Aerospace, technical manufacturing industry

Guido Thabe has been working in the civil aviation industry/CFRP cabin interior for more than 25 years. Through his work in a leading testing institute, he has learnt about the requirements of quality assurance and has further developed them in the course of his career.

Since 2014, he has been working freelance in the supplier environment of Airbus and Boeing in the areas of quality assurance / quality management / EASA Part 21G// 21J, ISO 9000 and supports the achievement of quality objectives. The basis is often the interpretation of design documents (technical drawings), legal framework conditions, and given specifications, as well as pending processes.


  • Certifying Staff Part 21G
  • Boeing 8130-9 Deligation / FAA
  • Project Manager Level C

Special knowledge

  • Project management tools
  • Risk management
  • Business management
  • Climate protection management
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical production
  • EN 9100-2018
  • Documentation
  • Process description

Experience in quality assurance in the aviation industry

  • Incoming goods inspection/conformity inspection and FAI as required in the aviation industry (Boeing, Airbus, – supply chain (Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Netherlands, France)
  • Documentation / preparation of EN9100-2018 audits, process description, work instructions and updating of technical documentation
  • Support of structural test series, certification (Boeing 8130-9) documentation
  • Quality assurance in the aviation industry, checking the conformity of components according to the Boeing 8130-9 construction document (Deligation / FAA)
  • Quality assurance, ramp up military development project

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