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Siebo Stamm

“Let’s close the gap between the flow of information and the flow of materials: Organizationally, digitally and consistently.”


Qualification: Industrial Engineering, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. (General Mechanical Engineering)

Industries: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Medical Technology, Automotive

Siebo Stamm is an experienced production manager and digitalization expert who is able to use his expertise in research and digitalization to build knowledge-based systems, particularly in production planning and control.

Professional competencies:


  • Automation strategies and technology selection in machining technology
  • Tracing back past data to new processes
  • Development of flexible clamping technology for AM post-processing

Digitalization, development of knowledge-based systems

  • Data capture and processing strategies for reliable operating data in production management
  • Technology consulting and selection for data-driven analyses of production plants (ERP/MES/APS)
  • Development and setup of digital maintenance planning and automated scheduling in the production process
  • Digitalization of test equipment management processes
  • Development and establishment of knowledge-based detailed process planning for the automated calculation of machining components
  • Industrial IoT solutions, e.g. app developments for detecting and visualizing machine downtimes that trigger the rescheduling of orders to other machines
  • Detailed process planning of production processes based on historical data and their feedback
  • Dynamic capacity planning and control in manufacturing SMEs
  • Machine data acquisition and evaluation application for OEE overview and connection to an IIOT platform for visualization

Quality management

  • Optimization and digitalization of business processes
  • Improvement in QM and support for EN9100 audits
  • Conducting customer and supplier audits in the course of EN9100

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