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“People who are enthusiastic and convinced drive change, not a process, no matter how well described.”


Qualication: Graduate Aerospace Engineer

Industries: aviation, railway, metal processing

Fritz Schaumann sees new topics as both an opportunity and a challenge that has to be managed. Sustainable improvements of business processes, jointly with the companies and their employees, are his driving force. He believes that the “buy in” of employees is the basis for long-term success.

With 25 years of professional experience in leading positions in a wide variety of areas such as engineering, production, programme and project management in the aerospace supply industry, or as Technical Director of a medium-sized metal processing company, he knows the tasks involved along the entire value chain.

Main areas of work

  • Reorganisation and further development of business areas and processes
  • Sustainable process stabilization over the entire value chain (development – purchasing – tooling – industrialization – logistics)
  • Implementation and establishment of OEM customer interfaces
  • Program management and controlling of the entire value creation process via KPIs such as deadlines, quality and costs
  • Management, planning and implementation of various strategic projects
  • Personnel development of managers and employees
  • Budget and cost responsibility

Key achievements

  • Establishment of new business units (engineering and program management)
  • Successful internal and external crisis management for suppliers in an international environment
  • Successful implementation of new investments (investment volume 20% of annual turnover) in the ongoing series process while maintaining the company’s cost, delivery and quality performance
  • Restructuring of manufacturing processes and introduction of “Lean Manufacturing” with realized savings in lead time and production hours of up to 25%
  • Definition and establishment of interface processes to the OEM
  • Management of projects in the railway and aviation sector

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