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Andreas Rinke

“I accompany you to create valuable connections, maximise your success and achieve (self) leadership excellence.”


Qualification: Graduate engineer, various leadership training courses, human design reader, meditation leader and awareness coach

Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Digital, Agricultural machinery, Consumer goods industry, Energy, Medical, Mechanical Engineering, Plant Engineering, Shipbuilding

Andreas Rinke is very familiar with both the customer and the service provider side. He worked at Volkswagen in various positions for a long time before moving to an international IT service provider, where he built up the “Engineering Services” business area and was responsible for it as Managing Director. This was followed by roles at the engineering services provider AKKA, where he managed over 500 employees in the automotive, aerospace, rail and digital sectors, as well as almost four years as Managing Director at SALT AND PEPPER, where he was also responsible for over 500 employees. His last position was at Biqx GmbH as Managing Director and then Senior Partner, where he led the company to successful growth.

Andreas Rinke has a high level of technical understanding, broad industry expertise, a large network and many years of management experience. He has been self-employed since the beginning of 2023 and works as a mentor & coach, initiator, sparring partner and executive advisor in the form of a neutral and highly experienced exchange partner.

Mentoring, impulse driver, sparring partner, coach, executive advisor

  • “Solution radar” through innovative solutions for Entrepreneurs, organisations, business networks, clubs, associations, companies, C-level, executives
  • Mentoring on all issues relating to corporate management, team, employee, self-empowerment, personal development, new leadership, future work, BD, sales and corporate development as well as operational business issues
  • Finding and taking new approaches and paths to new opportunities and possibilities for a better working world

Cert. Human Design Analyst / Reader and Mindfulness Coach

  • Recognising and “living” the individual human design “types” by strengthening conscious and, above all, unconscious potentials & talents
  • More effectiveness, energy, authenticity and greater decision-making/implementation skills as well as a positive “mindset boost”

Business network services

  • Bringing together customer projects and service providers
  • Bringing experts and companies together
  • Development of cooperation partnerships

Business Management

  • Corporate management
  • Business Development
  • New Leadership
  • Strategy and future planning
  • Development and expansion of competence teams
  • Organisational development
  • Contract negotiations
  • Change management
  • Location planning

Business Development

  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer care
  • Customer Service
  • Customer relationship management
  • Nearshoring
  • Offshoring

Personnel development

  • Employee development
  • Personal development
  • Mentoring
  • Human Design
  • Empowerment
  • Team development
  • Personnel management


  • Smart City
  • Smart Factory
  • Digital Transformation
  • Software development
  • IoT
  • e-mobility

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