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Michael Lischke

“My management skills as well as my professional and didactic skills makes me the ideal partner for questions regarding the error and cost reduction in development and production processes.”


Qualification: graduated aeronautical engineer

Industries: Aerospace development and certification

Michael Lischke, aeronautical engineer, has more than 30 years of experience in aircraft development and certification as well as lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg/Germany.

His experience as managing director and sales manager also helps him to adapt to the most individual company profiles and challenges.

Flight physics / stress mechanics

As a development engineer at Airbus, Michael Lischke has dealt with the calculation of loads on aircraft components.

As Head of the Loads Certification team, he was responsible for supporting the certification of Airbus aircraft for the ATA Chapter 00-10 Loads.

As a representative of Airbus Deutschland GmbH, he was a member of   international aviation committees. There he was involved in the harmonization and further development of airworthiness requirements (EASA CS 25 / FAR 25).

Quality management

As a quality manager at Airbus, Mr. Lischke was responsible for the introduction of  various quality assurance measures and the conduct of internal audits in the field of flight physics.

Product safety

As the Product Safety Officer of Airbus Deutschland GmbH, he was responsible for the support of aircraft accident investigation as well as ensuring evidence in connection with product liability cases.

In addition, the development of a safety culture had top priority. Advice and information on questions of product safety and liability are still part of its portfolio.

Managing director

As Managing Director of IBK-Aero GmbH & CoKG and IBK-Innovation GmbH & CoKG, Michael Lischke headed two companies with a total of 30 employees.

IBK-Aero supported Airbus in its calculation of loads.

IBK-Innovation has been involved in technology monitoring, e.g. the investigation of possible applications of natural fibers in aircraft construction.

Sales & Business Development

At Voith Engineering Services GmbH, he worked in the “business development” segment with the development of business relationships with aviation companies and the distribution of development services in Europe.

Training and consulting

From 1999 to 2010, he was assigned as lecturer for loads & dynamics in the field of automotive & aeronautical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

At Assystem GmbH, he was responsible for the development and implementation of training services in the aviation industry.

Since September 2012, Michael Lischke has been a self-employed consultant and trainer in the aviation industry.

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