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Maik Leder

“As a professional engineer, I am able to quickly asses and adapt to changing situations. I support customers to react quickly and flexibly to new challenges. I support, manage and accelerate R&D, product development and innovation as a project manager, expert and partner.”


Qualification: Graduate engineer

Areas: Product development, technical services, supply chain, sales, corporate restructuring

Maik Leder is a professionally qualified and highly experienced manager of change with sharp commercial acumen combined with excellent interpersonal and motivational skills.

Well proven in managing strategic innovation, project management and product development as well as customer and supplier relationships. Highly motivated with comprehensive skills in process development, always targeting to add business value with entrepreneurial approach.

Broad exposure to world cultures and international life. Having initiated, managed and driven European and global projects in product development, technical services, sales and business restructuring.

Key Skills

  • Personally responsible for the operation of different divisions or business units
  • Full scale project management from idea to commercial success, incl. agile methods (professional scrum master)
  • Identifying new product requirements and market opportunities
  • Design and optimisation of business processes, for example R&D, innovation, etc.
  • Co-coordinating global teams across national and cultural borders
  • Broad intercultural experience (e.g. France, U.K., Scandinavia, Switzerland, North America, China)
  • “Fire Fighting” – trouble shooting, conflict and risk management
  • Active key account management
  • Languages spoken: German, English, French

Typical Roles

Vice President R&D, Industrial X-Ray, Switzerland

  • Running and restructuring R&D operations and product execution process
  • Lead of the group’s strategic top platform program

Director Customized Solutions & Site General Manager, Industrial CT-Systems, Germany

  • Running and restructuring the branch
  • Project execution and delivery of various customer specific CT-Systems

Vice President R&D and Customized Solutions, Industrial X-Ray and CT-Systems, Germany

  • Lead strategic restructuring of R&D and customized solutions
  • Develop and implement new product execution process
  • Support of the company’s strategy development , define R&D and technology strategy plus portfolio road map

Director Strategic Rotor Blade Development, Wind Turbine Manufacturer, Germany / Sweden

  • Responsible for the rotor blades division
  • Conception, planning and design of an independent company for the manufacture and sales of rotor blades

Director Project Management, Industrial X-Ray and CT-Systems, Germany

  • Implement and establish professional project management

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