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Torven Hartz

“Despite all of my expertise in high technology, I know exactly: High-tech equipment is comparable to the solist in an orchestra: all eyes are on him, but without the proper orchestra itself, the best solist becomes nothing!”


Qualification: Consultant, Industrial Electrician

Industries: EMS Production, Logistics, Materials Management

“He doesn’t need a pillow – he sleeps on the manuals of his machines”… Torven Hartz was once described as such to one of his mandators. Perhaps overstated – but then not so far away from the truth.

Core Competencies


  • Qualifying examination of personnel
  • Team building and development in production environments
  • Crisis intervention management, if the team is not one at all


  • ERP and MES systems – shopfloor connectivity of production facilities
  • Logistics from secure incoming goods processes to highly automated robot warehouses – the right solution for every process landscape and requirement
  • Technology selection: Assemblies handling, pastes application, assembly processes, solder processes, assembly cleaning. Selected to match your product portfolio and production volume


  • Process analysis and adjustment
  • Process development to suit your requirements
  • Conception of tracing strategies, full backtracing, production documentation
  • Preparation and monitoring of certifications in the scope of ISO 9001 and ISO 9100

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