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Jürgen Jäkel

“I have a wide range of knowledge and experience from production planning, purchasing strategy and implementation as well as production, to the application and implementation of quality management systems. In recent years I have successfully implemented numerous larger projects, whereby I attach great importance to accompanying the result-oriented implementation.”


Qualification: graduate information scientist

Industries: Electronics, Telecommunications, Aviation, Logistics, Venture Capital

 Jürgen Jäkel has more than 35 years of professional and 20 years of management experience in various executive positions for OEM and direct customer business. In the last years he focused on the aviation industry, especially in the area of supply chain management, project management and project implementation for tier one suppliers.

Industry experience and focus

Experience in various management positions with focus on interim management positions. Consulting and implementation experience also in “highly regulated industries” from management to employee level.

Electronics (+20 years):

  • Management Development Management
  • Marketing and production

Telecommunications (+8 years):

  • Infrastructure and Embedded Computer Development
  • Production and distribution

Aviation (+12 years):

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Relocation of production
  • Merger

Electric, small vehicles (+2 years):

  • Head of Development
  • Marketing
  • Project implementation Safety management

Logistics (+6 years):

  • New logistics concept with end customer connection and internal SAP implementation in the aviation sector
  • Aircraft parts trade

Venture capital (+8 years):

  • Implementation of new corporate strategies
  • Securing the financing
  • Sales and contract negotiations


  • 6 years USA, 1 year Japan, various projects and management functions in Canada, UK, France, Sweden, Finland, BeNeLux, Switzerland Experience with international contractors, especially China
  • High assertiveness
  • Cooperative management style (persuasion before directives)

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