Digital Transformation

Stay tuned for the future

As a long-standing project partner of customers from a wide variety of technology sectors, we are used to dealing with new challenges. The digital future is therefore already the present for us. Get a competitive advantage with our support!

It is certain that if you do not seriously concern yourself with digitalisation in your company now, you will soon be on the sidelines. After all, digitization is becoming increasingly important in every corporate strategy. And it affects all business areas. However, overhasty attacking usually only lead to expensive wrong decisions.

Only when corporate goals have been understood and planned for the long term the digital transformation can be set up correctly. And that means defining the overriding goals and strategically selecting the digital model that fits your organization are a must. It is just as important to introduce these overarching strategies step by step and carefully. With hasty individual projects, you run the risk not only of burning money, but also of creating frustration and demotivation in the workforce.

With our support, you can therefore rely on comprehensive programs with clear results instead of piecemeal solutions.

In addition to coaching you on the way to your digital business model, we also support you in integrating it into your organization. Use digital technologies and media to completely rethink processes and open up completely new possibilities for your company!

Together with you we bring light into the darkness in a very short time and develop your strategy on the way into the digital world. Get to know your individual potential for more quality and higher efficiency.

Stay competitive in high-wage countries by using innovative methods. Rely on new technologies to shorten production and maintenance times, simply design more efficient processes, ... .

Generating a flowing data treasure from various data streams

More and more data is generated in your company. And they contain strategic knowledge, a key to your company's success. With data engineering, we open up all relevant data sources for you and steer the data flow in the right direction. But the quality of the data must be right, it should be retrievable and processable.

Take advantage of our support to analyze, structure, cleanse or enrich your data streams. They can then be optimally used for data science projects or deep learning. You can also draw on our wealth of experience in technology selection and database architecture requirements.

Fast digital transformation with existing data and systems

Today, machines store large amounts of sensor data. Conventional data processing methods, however, are not able to structure this information effectively. With data science, your company will quickly realize the full potential of digitization. We analyze data of different size and structure. The spectrum of analysis methods includes both statistics and machine learning methods, including deep learning.

Are you all right?

With digitized and networked production processes tailored to your company, you have downtimes and the wear and tear of systems and components in view and under control.

With the right maintenance strategy, the right maintenance concept, the design and introduction of appropriate productive and administrative processes, we ensure that your plant runs when it should.

All tailored to your needs: materials management, logistics and supplier management are geared to the supply of your business in line with your needs and cost-efficient.

Significant productivity benefits through end-to-end assistance systems

Digital twins not only significantly increase efficiency by eliminating time-consuming search work or manual data entry. In addition, there is no room for maneuver and errors in the interpretation of documents, which also significantly increases the quality of products or processes.
Process digitization and process assistance through smart assistance systems for structured digitization of manual processes or partial automation in combination with intelligent tools, such as measuring devices, industrial machines, indoor navigation systems, barcode scanners, QR code recognition, laser scanners and much more.

Assistance systems do not simply extract data from design, repair and assembly instructions, HR documents, databases and other data sources. They also use and understand them (mechanically)!

Employees are thus provided with the respective process three-dimensionally in the form of an app on tablet, smartphone, data or augmented reality glasses depending on the context. If required, a fast real-time search can be integrated, which makes it possible to access all information on the current work process.

In the corresponding application, the user simply triggers the automated, downstream documentation of the work results by selecting or confirming content.

In production, defects on components can even be detected automatically. With data glasses, lesions are imaged using additional information and the automated analysis is made available using laser scanners.

Let us provide you with detailed consultation on the various possibilities!

  • Management systems: development and support of management systems
  • Audits: support in carrying out internal and external audits; supplier and customer audits
  • Process management: consulting, development and visualization
  • Document management: capture, conception and presentation
  • Training: initial and follow-up instructions

For more cost efficiency

Use our solutions to optimize the material and information flow of spare parts in production. Because material costs are a significant cost factor. Why not pay attention to their reduction and control right at the beginning of the production process? Doing this only during the purchasing phase is not enough. In addition, targeted spare parts stocking protects you from losses due to production downtimes!

Optimization of the inventory and handling concept: Benefit from a proven solution package consisting of analysis, concept and implementation.

QRelation has proven experience in the development of successful and cost-saving solutions. Gain a deep insight into the current status of your production material handling from the first analysis and inventory. Together with your department we work on your concept of tomorrow.

In the field of personnel recruitment, we support you in filling vacant management positions. We can do this particularly effectively in a dual function: We take on the vacant position within an interim assignment. In a very short time we know all the real requirements of our successor and have 'breathed in' the corporate culture.

That's why we know exactly where and who we are looking for. Thanks to our large network, extensive experience in numerous industries and cooperation with a long-standing personnel consulting partner, we can quickly find the right employee for you.

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