In addition to the classic interim and project management, we also offer management products combined with consulting and sales performance.

We developed conclusive and consistent products from our main tasks. We have transferred the sum of tools, processes and our experience into more powerful concepts.

Take advantage of the extensive experience of our experts. They help you analyze your vulnerabilities and prepare suggestions for the implementation.

QRelation interim managers implement your plans for developing and structuring new business areas and also further develop your services and products if required.

Our 5-phase model helps ensure the transparency and measurability of this process.

Benefit from the holistic approach of our QRelation interim managers!

The D2C method comprises 4 essential elements that apply cost-effective solutions to realise your product development and manufacturing, while simultaneously meeting all the requirements of the product in question.

Quality Management

  • Management systems: Construction and maintenance of management systems
  • Audits: Support for the implementation of internal and external audits; supplier and customer audits
  • Process management: Consulting, development and visualization
  • Document management: Capture, conceptualize and representation
  • Training: Initial and follow-up instructions

In consultation with your local aeronautical authority we offer an official approved path for the qualification of your staff.


  • Change Processes (Process Improvement)
  • Business Development & Key Account Management
  • Management and Leadership Principles and Methods
  • General Awareness Trainings (Human Factors, Motivation and Handling of Demotivation, Intercultural Communication)

Quality and Safety

  • Quality Management (Preparation for Certification, Lean Methods & Tools, Audits, Document Management & Archiving)
  • Certification of Aircraft, Certification of Aviation Organization
  • Product Safety & Accident Investigations
  • Defect & Route Cause Analysis
  • Design Organization (Approval) & Delegation

Technical Trainings

  • Mini –GenFam (Aerospace Organisations, Rules & Regulations, Aircraft, Components and Systems)
  • Fuel Tank System Safety, Corrosion & Surface Protection, Material & Processes, Fire Worthiness
  • Aviation Law Rules & Regulations (EASA Part 21, Part 145 Part 66)
  • Airworthiness Requirements (EASA CS 25)
  • Airworthiness & Program Lifecycle (M0 to M14)
  • Customization & Configuration Management
  • Electric & Cabin

Customized Training Modules, e.g.

  • You are Aerospace
  • Meaning of Airworthiness
  • Product Safety & Liability, Quality
  • Verification Management
  • Design Organisation and Production Organisation
  • Introduction Configuration Management
  • Change Processes (Process Improvement)
  • Configuration Management Product Structure and Attestation
  • Non Conformity Management
  • Concession - CSDM & SRM
  • DOA Details
  • POA Details

Carry out a ‘quick check’ with us! Applying their proven methods and experience, the QRelation interim managers will stabilise your production!

Your material will flow failure-free through your added-value chainwith the requisite quality and at the scheduled time, as well as more quickly owing to a reduction in inventories and more efficiently thanks to a re-organised deployment of resources.

Our QRelation interim managers are well-versed in the programme and supply chain multi-disciplinary approach that can be extremely slow and difficult to implement organisationally.

In applying our commensurate knowledge and the four leverage factors, we firmly believe in our ability to act as a decisive catalyst for a significant improvement in N/C management.

We support you, to fill your vacant management positions in the area of personnel consulting. We can do that effectively in a dual role: We fill the vacant position with an interim manager immediately. In very short time, we know all the necessary requirements of of the position for the successor and have the corporate culture inhaled.

Therefore we know exactly what special skill sets are needed and fill the position with the right candidate. Thanks to our large network, a lot of experience in numerous industries and a cooperation with a long-standing personal consulting partner, we quickly find the right employees for you.

Have you ever tried defining your needs for automation and digitalization without actually knowing the whole potential of digital twins and smart process assistance?

Get the needed expert support. Working close together with you when analyzing your processes, we can get there and can present you the perfect strategy for digital transformation. Find your potential for higher quality and more efficiency.

Stay on top of the market using our innovative methods and focus on state-of the-art technologies to increase your efficiency and quality.

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