QRelation Interimsmanagement

QRelation develops interim- / project management solutions for the full range of operational management.

This includes our long-standing clients within companies of different legal standings, sizes and industries.

However diverse the reasons are for the use of interim managers, as an experienced management service provider, we know that your project's success depends on the skills and personality of the right candidates.

We offer our services in industries such as automotive, aviation, marine and rail, energy and human resources and find you the appropriate interim manager. 

QRelation offers management solutions in the following business areas and levels:

QRelation provides his customers with the right know-how for complex project management tasks and implements the respective steps.

Our project managers are able to successfully deal with the challenges of this type because of their expertise and experience. The success of the project is priority for them.

Ideally the project manager is involved in the project from the beginning. However, our management experts are also able to enter into an ongoing project "ad hoc".  Thus, the implementation of the planned project can be still on time or within budget even after a difficult start or personnel changes.

QRelation’s Production Managers are specialists for production processes and the sites to align with the market and the client. In international company settings, it is not just about ensuring a smooth process, but also to behave respective towards the regional cultural customs.

Our managers work with their technical and commercial competence to perfect the  structures and processes - and also have the motivation of the employees in mind. Even during the development of new sites and production lines our specialists plan process-related changes.

QRelation interim managers steer your Business masterful through periods of great change on the executive level. For example, when you establishing a new subsidiary or a complex restructuring of the company you can utilize an Interim CEO.

We can face the challenge for you - as a director, CEO or COO.

Our interim managers are able to make decisions more objective and impartial as the in-house managers. In addition you have a faster availability and the elimination of time-consuming training.

Product re-launches, new products and market analysis: today marketing departments have to deal with tasks and challenges that are more complex. Meaning, that the QRelation interim manager not only brings a lot of experience in dealing with the classical marketing instruments, but also brings experiences with the digital media and social networks to the table.

Our Interim experts develop and implement complete sales processes as well as strategic questions. And  is able to lead sales training courses as well.

QRelation secures the future development of your business through his management expertise in Sales and Marketing: For example we can assist you to open up new markets, or how to enter into new regions.

If customers need to internally position their purchasing department stronger or even restructure it we can quickly and efficiently initiate the necessary change process.

Whether its about renegotiating contracts and supplier terms or fundamental make-or-buy decisions must be made: we act objectively, factually and responsible with the aim to create  long-term stable and reliable supplier relationships. The positive effects hold on far beyond the period of our involvement.

Our interim managers intervene if grown complexities need to be reduced or redundant structures must be centralized in the corporate logistics. We establish a plan of reducing costs, which is almost always accompanied by the desire for faster production processes, and it also increase the delivery and accommodate the customers wishes better.

You can put your trust into QRelation Management Team, whether it is for the review of your distribution strategy  or you lean towards the outsourcing of your stock.

In the controlling area, is the use of interim managers more diverse than ever today: the communication with the banks and the capital investors are extremely important, as well as the penetration into new international markets. And the due diligence of an M & A project are all part of the task at hand.

An experienced QRelation Financial Manager can rebuild the relationship to the bank and other institutions once a company got into a difficult situation. We clarify the situation and quickly develop an action plan for improvements.


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