QRelation Interimsmanagement

"Good advice is followed by well thought-out action."

When making important strategic corporate decisions, the view of external experts is often decisive in order to recognize challenges at an early stage - and to avoid them.

The professionals of QRelation support you in sensitive key areas with professional consulting services. After the consulting and coordination phase, it's time for implementation. You can confidently trust our services and solutions.

Experienced, competent managers with strong implementation skills are at your disposal for these topics:

Hardly any other situation has such dramatic consequences for employees in a company as acquisition or sales processes, which automatically lead to major changes. Often with unpleasant personnel consequences for many employees (keyword hiring freeze).

However, it is precisely in such phases that highly specialized know-how is urgently needed that is not available in the company. Here QRelation Interim Managers are a reasonable solution: They approach the necessary changes carefully and with consideration for existing company values.

  • Managers for the operational support of M&A activities, knowledge transfer in due diligence projects
  • Preparation and execution of company (part) sale, post merger integration
  • Managers for certain subtasks in restructuring and reorganization projects

When making important strategic corporate decisions, the view of external experts is often decisive in order to recognize challenges at an early stage – and to avoid them.

"Good advice is followed by well thought-out action": The professionals from QRelation support you in sensitive key areas with professional consulting services.

Are you planning to introduce a new product or have you been thinking for a long time about opening up new target groups and markets but are afraid of the additional time and personnel costs that such projects automatically cause?

Our managers can be used excellently for all growth questions. They analyse the situation of your company in detail and work closely with you on all expansion-related tasks and challenges, or they support you specifically with their know-how.

Always in the first league or how you will still be way ahead tomorrow!

Do your products still reach the market tomorrow or are they still interesting for the customer of the future, because to buy through the right channels, attractive compared to other offers etcetera? In addition to supporting you on your way to your individual digital strategy, we can also be your driving force for valuable innovations, so that your products will also play in the first league tomorrow.

And with a focused view of your market position and business model, we also look at your process landscape and optimize it together with your staff.

Dealing with major changes or crisis situations is a difficult and complex matter. Often the internal planning is too strongly influenced by hierarchical or company political forces. Here, an external, neutral QRelation manager can initiate the desired changes "unburdened" and always has only the objective company goal in mind.

Not to forget: Managing directors and internal executives can then concentrate fully on their actual tasks during this time.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the most diverse areas of change management, we have been able to bring a large number of companies back on track in recent years.

Our services at a glance:

  • Planning and organizing as well as controlling and reviewing the change process
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential disruptive factors
  • Inclusion of internal and external stakeholders affected by the change process
  • Development of a holistic concept with ad hoc measures
  • Implementation of the concept into the overall process

In the past, companies expanding internationally usually sent their own management experts or specialists to the respective country. Today you have the opportunity to go a more efficient way.

Whether you need language skills, cultural differences or other competitive conditions, QRelation managers have the skills and experience to master such challenges.

From site assessment to on-site crisis management – the QRelation team ensures your future plans with its high level of professionalism.

Certainly not doomed to failure

Just do it and see what comes out in the end? That can be expensive. And yet the development of new products or their further development is elementary in order to position your company successfully on the market in the long term.

Therefore, it is better to get support from experienced project managers and consultants before the start of a project. QRelation analyses your idea:

  • technical feasibility
  • economic feasibility
  • internal project implementation capability in your company the framework conditions in which the project will be implemented (in particular the legal situation)
  • Stakeholder acceptance (e.g. political environment)

As a manager in the personnel area, you need a great deal of sensitivity. After all, everything revolves around the "human resource": i.e. beyond personnel administration and controlling systems, our personnel managers are aware that all optimization and change projects in this area are often particularly sensitive for this reason e.g. in projects involving the reduction of personnel.

Here it is always the goal of the QRelation managers to put these plans into practice and to try to avoid major internal conflicts and not to increase the already existing strains.

Our managers also ensure that recruiting processes in the company are more focused and efficient and that urgently needed specialists, for example, can be set up and trained more quickly.

Even with careful and forward-looking planning, companies are increasingly surprised at shorter notice by changes that cannot be foreseen. It can be particularly complicated when managers in key positions are suddenly unavailable due to serious illness or relocation.

Interim Management offers you an easily implementable solution: With external managers from QRelation, experts are available for you who have profound knowledge of the industry and can quickly ensure that all processes and procedures in your company continue to run smoothly without delays due to familiarization periods. And you decide for yourself how long you need our interim manager according to the situation.

If the internal resources of our clients are not available or not sufficient for special projects, interim management is an excellent and efficient instrument. After all, there are a number of reasons why a company does not need certain competencies permanently, but only for a limited period of time (e.g. seasonal business, etc.).
Such temporary "competence gaps" can be perfectly filled by QRelation interim managers:

  • Top coverage in management, marketing/sales, production, finance, IT and human resources
  • Highly qualified managers for numerous industries such as automotive, transport, aviation and (renewable) energy

A company succession is not just a question of routine, but is highly sensitive and can prevent companies from operating in their markets with their usual strength and presence for a longer period of time. Internal conflicts and unclear regulations can lead to "paralysis".

To avoid this, an interim solution from QRelation can be exactly the right way: With an external manager and moderator, the different internal company needs can be clearly identified at an early stage and other solutions or compromises can be reached that prevent major conflicts.

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