For important strategic business decisions the view of external experts is often critical to identify challenges early on and/or to avoid them.

“Good advice is followed by a thoughtful act”. The professionals at QRelation can assist you in three key areas with professional counselling services: When it comes to important personnel decisions or to the new strategic direction of your company or you need to find specialists, skilled staff and managers, you can trust our services and solutions.

A company today must adapt faster then ever to its market and its competitors. The right strategic approach to a crisis situation is prerequisite in this changing dynamic to succeed. Continuous changes must take place in order to continue to operate successful in the future. New ways can be extremely helpful in order to survive change. Whether a merger is necessary to activate the right stages or to restructure the internal processes.

Our years of experience in change management, in diverse fields, gave us the opportunity  to get a number of companies back on the right course in recent years.

Our services at a glance:

  • Planning and organizing, as well as controlling and examining of the change process
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential confounders
  • Integrating Internal and external stakeholders, who are touched by the change process
  • Developing holistic concepts with ad hoc measures
  • Implementing concepts in the overall process

It takes a lot of tact to be a manager in human resources.  After all, it all resolves around the "resource the individual". Which means that our Personal Managers are aware that  optimization and change projects are often particularly sensitive topics, besides from personal management and controlling systems. For example in projects where it comes to the reduction of personnel.

It is always the goal of the QRelation Manager to implement these plans into action without increasing the already existing pressures or further conflicts.

Our managers also ensure that recruitment processes are focused and efficient in the company - and so, much needed personnel can be developed and incorporated more quickly.

Executive Search is an optimum instrument when seeking candidates for positions that are difficult to fill.

In essence, this search method is the ideal choice for specialists, skilled staff and managers to successfully locate suitable new talent in the highly contested candidate market.

The perfect candidate will rarely be seeking an opportunity; more often than not they need to be found! Bringing our large network and longstanding experience in this sector to bear, we will quickly find the employee that best suits your needs.

Close attention is paid to ensuring that candidates not only have the right professional qualifications, but also possess the right human skills for your company.

Each and every candidate search is a ‘top-level’ issue for us and is supported by sector-oriented experts.

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