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Melanie Albrecht

“I am used to act as a project manager and troubleshooter. I always have a keen sense for all project participants and I am able to communicate with stakeholders at all levels. In addition, I have the talent to build and lead decentralized teams.”


Qualification: graduate in business administration, certified auditor and quality manager

Industries: Wind energy, Aerospace

The graduate in business administration and certified auditor and quality manager is very experienced in managing and controlling projects related to processes. She brings with her extensive international experience from offshore wind energy projects and is an expert, especially in the area of QM / QA / QC.

Melanie Albrecht contributes her distinctly process-oriented and analytical way of thinking as well as her very responsible and result-oriented way of working very successfully as a project manager and troubleshooter.

Project highlights:

  • Set-up, management and control of the project QM system in energy infrastructure projects with a focus on process optimization taking into account delivery and installation deadlines
  • Further development of risk suppliers with the help of process evaluations and strategic recommendations to the supply chain, thus ensuring that components that can be installed and commissioned are in accordance with project planning
  • Management and control of a cost cutting project by optimizing workflows and processes
  • Project management and project control as well as introduction of a document management system

Key skills:

  • Extensive professional and project experience in start-up companies, restructuring and completion of companies, branches and branch offices
  • Strong analytical and process-oriented way of thinking as well as independent and result-oriented way of working
  • Very communicative and assertive, able to communicate with various stakeholders at different levels
  • Establishment and management of international QA/QC teams throughout Europe, in China and Offshore

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