Aviation, energy industry, automotive, transport/railway but also HR consulting

Especially in such dynamic industries which are production and technology-oriented external expertise is increasingly needed.

For our management specialists from such dynamic and at the same time production- and technology-intensive industries, it is their daily business to tackle problems, solve conflicts and immediately get deeply involved in the operative implementation.

QRelation managers have special expertise in the 1st and 2nd management levels as well as at expert level in the business areas:

QRelation offers its customers the right know-how when complex project management tasks have to be implemented in corresponding process steps.

Due to their expertise and experience, our project managers are able to successfully deal with such challenges. For them, the success of the project consistently comes first.

Ideally, the QRelation project manager is involved right from the start. However, our management experts are also able to enter an ongoing project ad hoc, i.e. at short notice. In this way, the stringent implementation of the planned project can be guaranteed on time and within budget, even after a difficult start or a change of personnel.

QRelation Production Interim Managers are specialists for a market- and customer-oriented alignment of production processes and locations. For international companies it is not only a matter of ensuring a smooth process, but also of being sensitive to the respective cultural customs.

With their technical and commercial competence, our managers ensure the perfection of structures and processes and also keep an eye on the motivation of the employees. Our specialists also plan process-related changes in the development of new locations and production lines.

QRelation Interim Managers at the executive level steer companies confidently through phases of major change. Whether the deployment of an interim managing director becomes necessary, e.g. through the establishment of a new subsidiary or through a complex restructuring: we rise to the challenge as Managing Director, CEO or COO.

Our interim managers are able to make decisions much more objectively and "unburdened" than internal managers. In addition, there is the fast availability and the elimination of time-consuming training.

Dealing with major changes or a crisis situation is a difficult and complex matter. The internal planning is often influenced too much by the hierarchical or corporate political forces. An external, neutral leader of QRelation is able to conduct the desired changes objectively and keep the focus entirely on the business goal.

Not to forget: Managers and internal executives can concentrate on their primary responsibilities during this time.

Product relaunches, new product launches and market analyses: today's marketing departments of companies have to deal with tasks and challenges that are becoming increasingly complex. This means that the QRelation Interim Manager not only has a lot of experience in dealing with classic marketing instruments, but is also familiar with digital media and social networks.

On the part of sales, our interim experts develop and implement complete sales processes as well as strategic questions and also conduct sales training courses.

And QRelation also secures the future development of your company through its management expertise in marketing and sales. For example, we support you in opening up new markets or entering new regions.

If customers need to strengthen or even restructure the internal purchasing department at short notice, QRelation interim managers can quickly and efficiently initiate the necessary change processes.

Whether it is a matter of renegotiating framework agreements and supplier conditions or whether fundamental make-or-buy decisions have to be made: our interim managers act objectively, rationally and responsibly with the aim of creating stable and reliable supplier relationships over the long term. Their positive effects extend far beyond the duration of our managers' assignments.

In corporate logistics, our interim managers intervene when grown complexities have to be reduced or redundant structures have to be centralised. In addition to reducing costs, this is almost always accompanied by the desire for faster production processes in order to increase the ability to deliver and meet customer requirements even better.

From the review of the distribution strategy to the outsourcing of inventories, you can place your trust in us.

The deployment of interim managers in controlling today is not only more diverse than ever: professional communication with banks and the capital market is extremely important for many companies today. And the expansion to new, international markets as well as competent handling of due diligence during an M&A project are also part of the scope of duties here.

If the company has already slipped into a difficult situation, an experienced QRelation financial manager can rebuild trusting relationships with banks and other institutions. We create clarity about the actual situation and develop the prerequisites for improvements that can be implemented quickly.

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