Outside expertise is becoming an increasing necessity particularly in highly dynamic production and technology intensive sectors such as the aerospace, automotive, transport and rail and energy industries.

QRelation interim managers are immediately integrated within your business. Our managers have deep knowledge at top management and expert levels in the business segments:

  • Programme and Project Management
  • Production / Engineering
  • Management
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Purchasing / Logistics
  • Controlling
  • Human Resources

As our external specialists are not involved in the company hierarchy or corporate policies, their exclusive focus is automatically on the project at hand. Before valuable capacities and resources within your organisation become less efficient as a result of the excessive number of various different tasks, why not secure an interim manager from QRelation and leave your own executives to concentrate on their core business.

Even with meticulous, forward-looking planning, companies are still surprised by evermore abrupt, unpredictable changes. The situation may become even more complicated if a manager is suddenly no longer available in a key position due to serious illness or relocation.

Interim management offers you an extremely feasible solution in such cases. In the form of QRelation’s external managers, you have experts on hand with profound knowledge of your industry, who are able to ensure that all procedures and processes in your company continue to run – and without any delay resulting from induction periods.

Based on the given situation and circumstances, you decide how long our interim manager is required.

If the internal resources are not available for our customers or for a specific project insufficient, interim management is an excellent and efficient tool: Because there are a variety of reasons why a company only has specific competencies for a limited time (for example: seasonal business, etc.).

Such temporary "skills gaps" can be filled by interim manager of QRelation:

  • Top coverage in management, marketing / sales, production, finance, IT and human resources 
  • Highly qualified manager for many industries including automotive, transportation, aerospace, and (renewable) energy

You are planning to introduce a new product or you have been thinking about development of a new target group - but you shy away from the extra time- and personnel expenses, such a project automatically will bring?

For this situation our interim managers can be a perfect fit. Our managers analyze your company's situation closely and work to fit in an all expansion-related tasks and challenges and/ or support you with their know-how.

In all expansion issues interim managers are worthwhile for all companies, regardless of their size. And a very cost-effective tool to get the short term results and to handle any  additional tasks .

Dealing with major changes or a crisis situation is a difficult and complex matter. The internal planning is often influenced too much by the hierarchical or corporate political forces. An external, neutral leader of QRelation is able to conduct the desired changes objectively and keep the focus entirely on the business goal.

Not to forget: Managers and internal executives can concentrate on their primary responsibilities during this time.

The instrument Interim management is an attractive alternative for more companies to utilize their salaried manager for internationalization.

In the past, companies usually have sent their own management experts or specialists to other countries for their international expansion. Today there is a more efficient way, by using the instrument interim management: Because whether it is about the problem of language proficiency, cultural differences or the competition issue: QRelation interim managers have the skills and experience to meet these challenges with confidence.

From the site survey up to the crisis management on site - we secure your future plans with our high level of professionalism.

Hardly any other process as the buying and selling of a business or establishment has such a dramatic effect for employees.  It automatically leads to a major transformation and often with unpleasant consequences for many employees (keyword hiring freeze). But it is precisely in such periods that highly specialized know-how is required, which is not present in the company.

Here QRelation interim manager are a reasonable solution: for they take carefully the necessary changes and with consideration to the existing company values.

Manager for the operational support of M & A activity:

  • Transfer of knowledge in due diligence projects
  • Preparation and execution of the company (in part) sales, post-merger integration.
  • Manager for certain tasks in restructuring and turnaround projects.

A business succession is not a matter of routine, but highly sensitive and can prevent firms to appear not in its usual strength and presence in its markets  for a period of time.  Internal conflicts and unclear regulations could lead to an outright "paralysis". To avoid this, an interim solution may be exactly the right way: As an external manager and presenter, he can recognize the different internal company needs early on and come to a different solution or compromise that can prevent bigger struggles.

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